Balatonica Gin: Let the genie out of the bottle

2024.05.17 - Balatonica
balatonica gin  palackok

In collaboration with Balatonica Chillout Radio, we're excited to introduce our zesty new creation: Balatonica Gin. Crafted in the sunny haven of North Balaton, this citrusy distillate promises a unique and delightful flavor. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the most chilled drink of an uplifting summer!

When the word Balatonica was born in 2018, we had a vision of turquoise blue water, sunshine, white sails, elegance, and positive energies. The first incarnation of Balatonica took place in the language of music in our studio on the shores of Lake Balaton, where very special features further enhanced our inspiration. Our studio is located on a hill facing southwest, where the water of Lake Balaton doubles the energy of the sun throughout the year, so that vegetation that can only be found in the Mediterranean area lives and flourishes.

This is where the idea came from to plant the area with olive trees, palms, and pomegranates. We ventured further, and today we're at the point where we harvest a lot of citrus fruit every year. So we've arrived at the second incarnation of Balatonica: the moment of the birth of a premium gin! While drinking our favourite cocktail on the studio's terrace after a tiring day, we realized that this area grows almost all the herbs and flowers that can define the character of a really good gin.

We visited one of Hungary's best-known gin production teams, Búzavirág Gin, and together we created a world of flavours whose roots bring us back to that special place in Balatonakarattya that inspired us for years. Now we can express this inspiration not only in the language of music, but with a fantastic distillate as well. Treat yourself to BALATONICA GIN. We'll make sure you have all the info in the coming days!