Music is an international language through which we can connect with artists and each other all over the globe, regardless of skin-colour or age; so that we can fully experience, and be empowered by, our feelings and spiritual harmony. Balatonica web radio does this through a style of music that represents relaxation, spirituality, and positivity.
Each evening we present you with ambient and relaxing music for you to better relax after a tiring day; during the day our music is a bit more dynamic, with a lot of uplifting and energising music. We try to introduce Hungarian artists that are associated with this style, which is very rarely accessible through mainstream channels.
Our lives are full of wonder, which we often associate with music. It’s so much easier to overcome disappointments if we’re able to recall those moments! We feel it’s our mission to provide the soundtrack for those uplifting moments in your life. We’d like to give you something that you can use to energise, recharge, or just relax. Some uplifting relaxation…Balatonica, Uplifting Serenity.

"We can get a lot further in our spirituality and instinctiveness with the help of music than with say, pictures. Because the music is in us. We don’t only hear with our ears but feel with our internal organs, just as we don’t only hear the voices of the outside world, but also of our bodies."

László Vidovszky


"The world is full of things that make us happy. The only people who can’t experience the wonders of life are those who don’t have the ability to experience wonders.”

Juli Fábián





Our radio is looking for those connections where we can convey our mission: providing music that inspires you with positive thoughts and feelings. Listen to our offer:if you find it conveys the atmosphere or your restaurant, café, or hotel, get in touch with us so we can outline our marketing activity, which we provide in exchange for you broadcasting our music.


One of the missions of Balatonica Chillout and uplifting radio is to open up a door for listeners, musicians, performers, and producers to enter through together into harmony with a common language, positive thoughts and a sense of life. Where the sight of the sparkling turquoise waters of Lake Balaton is the missing piece to our daily lives, that can only be obtained when the stars perfectly align: when the view is accompanied by scent, experience, and uplifting music. If you create in this style and want to be a part of this mission, contact us - let's create the music world that guides listeners through that special door.

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